Looking for your property

Before searching your property, i need your basic criteria for a property such as follows.
-Budget (Price range)

-Area (Which part of Japan) if you give me more specific area, it is best for me.

-Purpose (Investment or Own use)

-Other requests

I will find the most suitable property for your criteria.

Supporting all transaction

All process from applying a property to registration can be done through us. It is just one stop service!!

Property management

Our property management service are included following things;

  • Rent collection and Wire the rent to your bank account
  • Handling complaints
  • Finding a new tenant ( it costs 2 months of rent)
  • Repairing and Renovation

Tax agent duty

If you have a property in Japan, it is required to pay the fixed property tax for once a year and real estate acquisition tax for one time after purchased.

we will help you to pay those taxes behalf of you for FREE.

For income tax, it is required to do the tax filing once a year, we can do the tax filing behalf of you, but it costs 15,000 Yen (basic fee) + 7,000 Yen (Per Property). You don’t need to do anything so you can just leave it to us.

Selling your property

We have several ways to sell your property so whenever you want to sell your property, please ask us about it.