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We solve these worries for investors

We help those who want to manage and preserve their assets at Japanese real estate.

We support the following people.

  • For English-speaking investors
  • Those who want to have profitable real estate with a small investment of 90,000 USD or less
  • Those who want to earn stable rent income
  • Those who want to buy real estate in Japan
  • Investors who like Japan
  • Those who want to take care of everything from purchase and ownership to payment and property management.

We provide services to those who purchase Japanese real estate for the first time with reliable English support and thorough property follow-up.

We are not only providing an investment property, but also providing your dream home as a holiday house in Japan.

Japanese real estate as seen from the world

Position of Japanese real estate with the world

According to data released in December 2020 by real estate service giant Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), commercial real estate (offices, retail, industrial, hotels, multipurpose, residential, etc.) in the Tokyo area from January to September 2020, the amount of investment is 19.4 billion dollars (about 2 trillion yen), which is the top in the world.

The ratio of overseas investors in the Japanese real estate market from January to September 2020 was 38%, from overseas investors who expected high growth potential and stable profitability in Japanese offices, hotels, distribution facilities, housing, etc.

Asset conservation

The creditworthiness of the Japanese yen is one of the checkpoints that overseas investors cannot overlook.

Except for the extreme values ​​during the bubble period, real estate prices in Japan have remained stable despite the global economic shock so Japanese real estate could be long-term stable assets.

A big difference between overseas real estate and Japanese real estate

In Japan, there are no restrictions for buying real estate by foreign investors and even foreign investors can invest in real estate under the same conditions as Japanese.

Risks due to Japanese real estate
The location of Japan means that you are at risk of an earthquake. Real estate investment in Japan cannot be successful without preparing for an earthquake.
We must also consider that the population is declining in Japan. Japan’s national population is on a continuous declining trend.

9 Reasons to be chosen by customers

We are one of the few English-speaking real estate companies in Japan.

We provide a one-stop service for sending fresh and more valuable information, from sales to management, and tax processing. Please let us protect your property of Japanese real estate.

Good yield

Reasonable price

Quick response

Good communication and follow

Will send you a balance sheet every month

Will process taxes every year

Completed in English

Everything is up-to-date and transparent

High selling ability

Don’t worry. It is easy for foreigners to buy Japanese real estate. We will do everything from property search to follow-up, rent collection and tax procedures for you.

What you can buy


Residential building built of steel or reinforced concrete.

Whole apartment

Residential building built of wooden or light steel.

Detached hosue

One indenpend house.


building for office use.


A building designed for the storage of goods.


A traditional Japanese house 50 years after its constraction.

You can buy either a detached house or apartment or land for new built so we can provide any kind of real estate for you.

Our works

No. of transaction / Year : More than 100

Transaction Country: US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, etc

Here is our listings we usually provide to our clients!

Note: Net Yield = (Monthly rent after deducted expenses x 12 months) / Sale Price

You can buy a holiday home in Japan as well

Customer’s voice
Why did you choose us?

Here, we will mainly describe the voices of investors, but some of my clients bought vacant apartments for their use when they come to Japan during a vacation.


-After talking with Tomo I trusted his judgement. For me I need a good rental return above 8% for an investment property.  I also want a property in Kyushu, preferably Fukuoka, that I can own for my own use.


-Gran Asset Management is trustworthy firm that I can count on. Also it is local to Fukuoka where they can help me checking properties in person before purchase. As a foreigner who is not living in Japan, depending on a firm which is reliable is very important. Also Tomo always answered my questions quickly so we can move on to seize opportunity.

EE OON CHOON / Sigapore

-Trust worthy and reliable agency.  The reason is we are not familiar with the language.  So we are concerned about understanding the contracts, regulations and rules of the Japanese real estate.  But we are worried free now.  Thank you.

Mrs LIM / Singapore

-Location, price and yields are always what I look for when investing in properties. Tanaka San has good listing with good yields and hence we did not stop at one property. I was able to get property information that I needed quickly from Tanaka San. My confidence in his commitment to serve his clients grew from there

Miss LYDIA / Hong Kong

-First of course is the yield.  Next is that we can easily communicate in English.  As foreign customers usually do not know Japanese.  Thirdly, Gran Asset provides clear monthly balance sheets for the properties so bought.

Winnie Wong / Hong Kong

-The clear follow up.  At first, we only transferred the property management service to your company, and during those time, I feel the company is very efficient and professional.   Then, when I want to sell the property, I do not hesitate to have your company sell for me.

Our vision & team


Our vision is to let more overseas know about the goodness of Japanese real estate and spread it out to all of the world.


Hiro Tanaka
Founder of Gran Asset Management Co.,Ltd

Welcome to Japan Investment and Thank you very much for visiting our website.
We are one of the first real estate companies for overseas investors based in Japan.
We provide ALL of the services related to the real estate investment.
So if you are considering investing in Japan, please feel free to contact us.
We are more than happy to answer your questions.

Tomohisa Hayashi
Executive Investment Advisor

After graduating Central Washington University, he built up his experience in construction field.
Through his previous carrier, he experience a lot about real estate investment.
After joining our team, he built up a lot goof relationship with overseas clients and he has lead many investors to the successful investment.

Natsuki Abe
Property manager

She has joined our team as Property Manager.
Balance statement will be sent by her every month.
She is very trusted by all of our existing clients.
She is also licensed real estate notary to look after the rental contract stage.

Let’s introduce our office and team in the video

Flow from inquiry to earning income

Narrow down property search criteria

What you need to decide for the criteria

-Price Range
-Area (Ex: Tokyo 23 ward)
-Purpose (Investment or Personal Use)

Decide your offer price with Tomo and Prepare a purchase application

Tomo will try to negotiate the price with using your purchase application to the seller side. What you need to fill out is your name, address, signature on it as shown in the sample form.

Obtain an affidavit for registration after your offer is agreed by the seller

You can obtain it from a public notary or local government.

What is the Affidavit/Declaration?

→In Japan, in order to register the property under your name, we need this document.

Here are the matters you will have to declare.

*Home address
*Date of Birth
*Passport Number
*E-mail address


Send you a contract document and investigation report

Investigation: The licensed real estate notary will investigate your property from physical side and legal side, to make sure the transaction is safe to go.

〉No problem with property

The seller’s contract/Important matters documents publish/ Send all of documents (contract) to the buyer.

〉Problem found

if the problem is found, we will let you know BEFORE the seller’s contract.

You may renegotiate or cancel the transaction.

As said, in Japan, it will be very difficult for us to cancel the transaction AFTER offer is agreed.

Explanation over zoom meeting

After you receive documents, we will have to give you an explanations about the property before your sign the contract. it may take 1.5~2 hours.

Sing the contract

After you receive an explanation, you will sign the contract. Then you will have to wire-transfer deposit.

Send the signed contract documents back to us

We will calculate every costs and give you the final invoice.

Wire the money to us after checking the invoice

All of the payment will be stated in this documents.
You can wire the money to us by bank transfer or wise(online-wire system).

Settlement / Registration

Registration will be completed as soon as the settlement is done.

Receiving a balance sheet from us

You will receive a balance sheet once every month via email that states monthly income and expense and the current total balance of your account as shown below.

The rent remittance to your bank account.

We will remit the rent when you request us through the following options.

-Bank transfer ( transfer fee: Approximately JPY 7,000 / each time)

-Wise (online remittance system)
Please click the link below about Wise↓

Tax processing

We will handle all payment behalf of you including taxes.

After purchased a property, there are 3 kinds of tax you should pay.

1: Fixed Asset Tax is required to pay once every year that is calculated by a government.

2: Acquisition tax is required to pay only one time

3: Income Tax
We will inform you when the tax filing season every March to April comes and ask our tax accountant to do a tax filing for you.

This tax is calculated as an annual income of last year – all expenses – depreciation.
Here is one tip for income tax. Since there is 480,000 yen as a basic deduction for everyone, if you have 1- 2 small properties such as a single room, probably you wouldn’t need to pay the income tax.

Enjoy our listing / buying tips / lifestyle

New listing

Buying tips

Life in Japan

Company information

companyGran Asset Management Co,.Ltd.
Business ActivitiesReal Estate Brokerage
Real Estate Investment Consulting
Property Management
Interior Renovation
Airbnb Consulting
address8F, 2-2-3, Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka 810-0073 Japan
Lisence No.Fukuoka (2) 17708
MembershipThe real estate agent’s Association of Fukuoka Prefecture
National Federation of Real Estate Transaction Associations
Property Manager Council
Partner Lawyer (Scrivener)Otemon Legal Affairs Office
Partner Tax AccountantNorimatsu Yoshitaka Tax Accountant Office
Our BanksThe Bank of Fukuoka
The Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Ltd.
The Fukuoka Chuo Bank, Ltd.
Phone call(+81) 80-3992-3444

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