Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers.

Before Purchase

Is Gan Asset Management licensed real estate company in Japan?

Yes, we are. Our license number is Fukuoka(2) 17708

Is there any restrictions to buy a Japanese property for oversea investors?

No, there is no restriction at all.

Can the transaction be done online?

Yes, it can be done online so you don’t need to come to Japan.

How long does the transaction take to be completed?

It would take 1~1.5 month.

What kind of property management service do you provide for clinets?

Rent collection, basic tax handlings, complaints handling etc.

What type of lease contract on the property?

Basically, it is 1 or 2 years renew.

Is it possible to ask the tenant to move out when the lease contract expires?

No, it is not possible. As long as the tenant wants to renew and pays the rent on time, the landlord cannot end the lease contract due to Japanese law.

What is the required document to buy a property in Japan for overseas investors?

It is an affidavit that stated your home address, name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, e-mail address, signature which can get from a public notary.

Is it possible to know the current condition of inside room?

No. If the property is tenanted, it is not allowed to view the inside.

Do you know any banks in Japan that can provide a loan for oversea investors?

No. there is no any banks for non-residents.

How about open a bank account?

Unfortunately, the restriction has been strict so there is no way to open a bank account for non-residents.

What kinds of tax does oversea investor need to pay for buying a property in Japan?

-Fixed property tax and acquisition tax

What is the monthly expense?

-Building management & maintenance fee to the building management company. Property management fee that is 5% of rent to our company.

Is there way to know if property has a bad record such as suicide?

Yes. As licensed real estate company, the investigation report must be provided to the buyer before signing a contract.

When is the deposit required to pay?

After signing the contract document

After Purchase

How do you wire the rent to overseas?

Through bank transfer or Wise (online transfer)

How much is the bank transfer fee?

Around 7,000 yen for each time

What is the coverage for insurance?

Fire, Lightning, Bursting and Explosion, Wind disaster, Hail disaster, Snow disaster, Dropping object, Incoming object, Water soaking, Stolen, Unexpected accident

Is it possible to raise the rent when the lease contract is renewed?

Most likely No. it is not common practice to raise the rent to the same tenant.

How much is the income tax?

There are 7 layers of income level. The lowest rate is 5% if the income range is from 1,000 yen up to 1,940,000 yen, but you have a basic deduction of 480,000 yen.

What if the tenant pays the rent behind?

Mostly the lease contract comes with the rent guarantee company so they will pay the rent on behalf of the tenant

How much is it to find a new tenant?

it is 2 months of the new rent.

How does Gran Asset Management sell a property?

Posting on the most common real estate platform and asking several agents to sell.

Is it ok to change to another property management company from Gran Asset Management?

Yes, it is ok if you feel not satisfied with our service.

How often does Gran Asset Management send the rent to the owners?

Every couple of months or every month but it is up to you.

What kind of document is required for selling a property?

Different type of affidavit from the one when you bought a property

How much is the capital gain tax?

Less than 5 years: 30% of profit
After 5 years: 15% of profit

When does the tenant need to give notification of moving out?

1 month before moving out date

Can the owner ask the previous tenant to pay the restoration work cost when moving out?

If the damage is due to the intentional negligence of the tenant, the cost will be the tenant’s expense.

How much is the tax filing?

Basic fee is 15,000 yen + 7,000 yen per property