Special Bank Loan Offer In Japan For Oversea Investors

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Would you like to establish a Japanese company and buy Japanese real estate with a bank loan?
Here we offer you the cheapest way to set up a company for FREE. And if you’re going to set up a Japanese company for applying for a bank loan as I’m telling you today, you don’t even have to come to Japan, so take a look.

※Please note that we are the only one who can provide this special loan service with a bank for oversea investors.

【Bank details】

SBJ Bank (Shinhan Bank Japan)


【Bank Conditions】

Property price: 70 million yen or more and up to 200 million yen

Interest rate: ± 2.5%

Repayment ratio: 60%

Loan period: Legal useful life + 10 ~ 13 years

※Legal useful life for the following each structure

Wooden: 22 years
Steel frame: 34 years
Reinforced concrete: 47 years

Example) In the case of built-in 2000, reinforced concrete structure
47 -22 = 25 years 25 years + 10 years = 35 years
Loan period: 35 years

Down payment: There are 2 patterns.

1: With personal guarantee o: 30% of the property price

2: No personal guarantee: 40% of the property price

Gross yield: 6% or more
Gros yield→Total annual rent/property price

Location: TokyoOsakaKyotoFukuoka

Other: Japanese company establishment required

【Countries that SBJ can deal with】

Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Mexico, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Dubai, London, Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan, China

【Loan cost】

Bank fee: 1.5% to 2% of the loan amount (excluding tax)

Assecement fee: 350,000 yen per property (excluding tax)

Stamp fee: Depends on the loan amount

【Details of company establishment】

Cost: 179,000 yen
※The cost of the company seal is also included.

Company Address: You can use our company address

※This is a legal way so no worries

【What you need to decide for a company】

Company Name

・Capital: 10,000 yen or more

・Representative’s name

【Required document】

Sign certificate


1: Property selection

2: Ask the bank for an assessment

3: Loan terms agreed by both bank and buyer

4: Submit a purchase application

5: Start of company establishment procedure (about 3 weeks)

6: After accepting the purchase, prepare a sales contract with both the seller and the buyer.

7: Make a personal contract with the bank in the applicant’s own country

8: I make a contract with a bank on behalf of a company

9: When all the documents are ready, settle the transaction

10: Registration completed

All processes are completed in a minimum of 2 months.

If you are interested in this service, please inquire me as soon as you can!!

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