New Bank Loan Option For Oversea Investors

Hi everyone.
As some of you may know, we have been corporating with SBJ Bank(Shinhan Bank Japan) for providing a loan of whole building for oversea investors so far.

Here is a new loan opition for you.

SBJ can start to provide a loan for not only whole building but also unit of apartment.

This is a first challenge for SBJ and our company so please check the details below and inquire me if you want to buy a property with a loan.

Please note that we are the only one who can provide this special loan service with a bank for oversea investors.

【Bank details】
SBJ Bank (Shinhan Bank Japan)

【Bank Conditions】

Property price: 20 million yen or more 

Interest rate: ± 2%
Loan amount: 60% of Property price 
Loan period: Maximum 25 years 
Property must be tenanted 

Built Year: After 1985

Location: Any major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka
Other: Japanese company establishment required

【Loan cost】
Bank fee: 1.5% to 2% of the loan amount (excluding tax)
Assecement fee: 55,000 yen per property (including tax)
Stamp fee: Depends on the loan amount
【Details of company establishment】
Cost: 179,000 yen
(the cheapest way)
※Company seal fee is also included.
Company Address: You can use our company address
※This is a legal way so no worries
【What you need to decide for a company】
・Company Name
・Capital: 10,000 yen or more
・Representative’s name
・Company purpose
【Required document】
Signature certificate

1: Property selection
2: Ask the bank for an assessment
3: Loan terms agreed by both bank and buyer
4: Submit a purchase application
5: Start of company establishment procedure (about 3 weeks)
6: After accepting the purchase, prepare a sales contract with both the seller and the buyer.
6: Make an loan agreement between SBJ and applicant
7: I stamp the sale contract with a bank on behalf of your company(I will have a zoom meeting with you when I stamp it)
8: When all the documents are ready, settle the transaction
9: Registration completed
All processes are completed in a minimum of 2 months.
If you are interested in this service, please inquire me as soon as you can!!

Thank you.

Best Regards,

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