New Commercial Building In Tokyo


Rent Guarantee

Hi everyone.

Today’s property is a New Commercial Building in Ebisu, Tokyo.

Built in July 2020!

(Option for purchasing)

If you want to get a guaranteed rent, the seller can provide you a fixed rent for 1 year so you can get fixed amount of rental income as shown in the info sheet regardless occupancy and you can reduce the risk of finding a tenant for 1st year.


The interior work and cost for each room is responsibility of new tenant since it is one condition to rent to the tenants.

Name: Ebisu Building (恵比寿ビルディング)

Price:  927,000,000 Yen  

Address: 東京都渋谷区東3-20-4

Google map:

Access: 4 mins walk to Ebisu station (恵比寿駅)

Structure: Reinforced Concrete

Land Rights: Freehold

Number of total units: 7 units (including basement)

All units are for office or shop or restaurant use.

Basement: 69.61 sqm

1F: 68.70 sqm

2F: 68.25 sqm

3~5F: 68.25 sqm

6F: 68.25 sqm

No.of Floor: 6F

Built Year: July 2020

Land Size: 136.55 sqm

Building total floor size : 523.29 sqm

Occupancy: Vacant 

Expected yearly rent income: 44,503,800 yen as shown in the table below.

Expected gross yield: 4.8% (if fully occupied) as shown below.


(Calculation table)

Please inquire me.

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