Commercial Property In Japan


Property used as commercial for investment

Hi. Today, I want to inform you some commercial property in Osaka and Tokyo.

The following details are just basic info so if you find interesting one, please let me know.

I will give you the detailed info!!

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1: ライオンズマンション住吉万代東 unit number#102  (1F)  Osaka 

Sale price: 20.8M Yen

Size: 66.58 sqm

Monthly rent: 155,540 Yen

Building management and maintenance fee: 19,290 Yen


Type: Home-vist nursing

Lease contract: Started since Sep 15th 2015

2: ライオンズマンション住吉万代東 unit number#104 (1F)  Osaka 

Sale price: 25.2M Yen

Size: 66.83 sqm

Monthly rent: 174,312 Yen

Building management and maintenance fee: 19,420 Yen


Type: Beauty Salon

Lease contract: Started since July 23rd 2001

3: ジュエル荏原中延  Tokyo

Sale price: 109.8M Yen

Size: 1F: 38.88 sqm + 2F: 70.06 sqm = 108.94 sqm

※This building is combined with residential and commercial use.

1~2F: Commercial use 3F~8F: Residential use

Monthly rent: 572,000 Yen

Building management and maintenance fee: 68,300 Yen


The location is In the shopping arcade.

Type: Real estate company 

Lease contract: around 15 years

4: ルーブル金杉AB  Tokyo

Sale price: 48M Yen

Size: 38.46 sqm + Parking space

Monthly rent: 244,500 Yen

Building management and maintenance fee: 28,290 Yen


Type: Restaurant (Steak restaurant)

Restaurant link:

 ※Restaurant name: ツインツリー

Lease contract: around 20 years

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