Empty Land In Front Of Beach!!


You can built your own house as you like!!

Hi everyone.

Empty land in front of beach in Fukuoka.

We got an unconfidential land info from a local agency company that there are 9 pieces of land for sale where are located in front of a beautiful beach!

You can buy the land and built own your vacation house or someting for rental as well.

Here is a rough idea of cost for building a new house.

it would be approximately 17.5M Yen as shown the attached plan below.

So if you want to built a house on this land, the total cost will be roughly 17.5M (building cost) + 13M yen (land cost) = 30.5M Yen 

Those are selling as empty land so please check the details below.

Land 1: Size:  142.49 sqm Pirce: 13.9M Yen

Land 2: Size:  138.64 sqm Pirce: 13.9M Yen

Land 3: Size:  149.47 sqm Pirce: 14.9M Yen

Land 4: Size:  174.64 sqm Pirce: 13.9M Yen

Land 5: Size:  145.05 sqm Pirce: 15.9M Yen

Land 6: Size:   137.69 sqm Pirce: 12.0M Yen

Land 7: Size:   123.87 sqm Pirce: 9.9M Yen

Land 8: Size:  141.46 sqm Pirce: 12.8M Yen

Land 9: Size:  140.17 sqm Pirce: 12.8M Yen

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/QuzPJPFbCiEe33JG6

Video about Land→https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p_Svvmw6ocLjz0Atp8CjHIEqancfMWX1/view?usp=sharing

If you are interested in this land, please inquire me as soon as you can!!

(The latest video on Youtube)

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Thank you.

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