Family Type Property In Japan


Stable Long Term Lease Contract

Hi everyone.

Here is a family type of property in Fukuoka  i strongly recommend you.


・Sale price is a way cheaper than market price. Please see the attached picture below which shows other sale in the same building.

The sale price is 14.6M Yen.

・In this area, there is a high rental demand for family members.

・Since current tenant is a single old female, it is hard to think that she will move out near future.

・There is a deposit of 360,000 Yen which can be transferred to new owner for repair and cleaning cost after the current tenant moved out.

(My strategy)

・Buy this one at asking price or little bit below 13M yen luckily and then you keep to collect the rent as long as the current tenant stay there. If they moved out, you try to sell this as vacant room without renovation or as renovated room depending on the situation.

Because vacant family type of property tends to be sold higher than tenanted family type of property.

At least, you would be able to sell it at purchased price which is 13M yen so it means you would be able to get back the initial investment amount.

Please check the details below.

Name: Romanesque Sakurazaka 2 (ロマネスク桜坂2)

Price: 13,000,000 Yen 

Address: 福岡県福岡市中央区桜坂2-1-35

Google map:

Access: 3 mins walk to Sakurazaka station  ( 桜坂駅) 

Structure: Reinforced Concrete

Land Rights: Freehold

Number of total units: 26

No.of Floor: 6F

Unit Floor: 3F  

 Unit Number: #3xx

Built Year: July 1992

Building Management/Maintenance Fee: 20,200 yen/month

Type of unit: 2DK

Size: 42.81 sqm (center line of wall)

Balcony: 7.57 sqm

Facing: Need to confirm 

Occupancy: Tenanted

Rent: 90,000 yen/month 

(Detail of Lease contract)

Japanese single female, 74 years old,

Lease contract has started since March 29th 2003 and it is 1 year renew.

Rent guarantee company: Yes, it is included in the lease contract

Deposit for cleaning: 360,000 Yen


Please click the link below to see some photos of other rooms in the same apartment for your reference

(Building appearance and Room Layout)


(Calculation table)

In the calculation table, you can see the rough total cost of purchasing a property and what kind of expense you need to pay for every month.

I mentioned about our property management in the calculation table. It is 5% of rent and included rent collection, basic tax handling, complaints handling.

If you are interested in this property, please inquire me as soon as you can!!

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Thank you.

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