Tokyo Whole Building For Sale


Combined with Residential and Office

Hi everyone.

Today’s listing is a whole building in Tokyo which is combined with residential and office and storehouse!

Occupancy rate is 90~95%!!

Very High Yield!

Please check the details below.

Name: Virajyu Tachikawa (ヴィラージュ立川)

Price: 250,000,000 Yen

Address: 東京都立川市高松町2-9-21

Google map:

Access: 13 mins walk to Tachikawa station  (立川駅)

Structure: Reinforced Concrete

Land Rights: Freehold

Land size: 233.87 sqm

Total floor size: 1005.06 sqm 

(Floor size for each floor)

1F: 91.84 sqm

2F: 100.74 sqm

3F: 100.74 sqm

4F: 100.74 sqm

5F: 100.74 sqm

6F: 86.31 sqm

7F: 86.31 sqm

8F: 86.31 sqm

9F: 63.10 sqm

10F: 63.10 sqm

Basement: 125.13 sqm

No.of Floor: 10F + Basement

Built Year: April 30th 1990

Land ratio: 80%

Building floor ratio: 400%

Annual Rent Income: 21,952,848 Yen/ Year ※1,829,404 Yen/Monthly (Based on March 29th 2021)

(Detail of monthly rent income)

Current monthly rent in total: 1,829,404 Yen

(Detail of monthly expenses)

Current monthly expenses in total: 330,073 Yen



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