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Near University Property

Hi everyone.

Today’s listing is located near Dental Univesity.

What is good point of this property? 

Near dental university(7 mins walk)

 -Well maintained as shown below.

 (Whole repair record) 

The latest t total amount of maintenance fund: about 13.6M Yen(March 31st 2020)

Please check the details below.

Name: Shidaimae Sky Mansion (歯大前スカイマンション)

Price: 2,700,000 Yen →Can be lowered to 2,500,000 Yen!!

Address: 福岡県北九州市小倉北区清水4-1–26

Google map:

Access: 8 mins walk to Minamikokura station  ( 南小倉駅)

Structure: Steel and Reinforced Concrete

Land Rights: Freehold

Number of total units: 117

No.of Floor:10F

Unit Floor: 3F  

 Unit Number: #3xx

Built Year: March 1986

Building Management/Maintenance Fee: 4,920 yen/month

Type of unit: 1R

Size: 20.82 sqm (center line of wall)

Balcony: 1.8 sam

Facing: East

Occupancy: Tenanted

Rent: 28,000 yen/month (Market rent is 26,000 yen~28,000yen)

Other: Elevator, Auto-Lock, 

(Detail of Lease contract)

Japanese male, 73 years, Receiving a city support so rent is paid by city.

The lease contract has started since Feb 28th 2016 and it is 1 year renew.

Rent guarantee company: Yes, it is included in the lease contract.


Please click the link below to see some photos of other rooms in the same apartment for your reference


(Calculation table)

In the calculation table, you can see the rough total cost of purchasing a property and what kind of expense you need to pay for every month.

I mentioned about our property management in the calculation table. It is 5% of rent and included rent collection, basic tax handling, complaints handling.

If you are interested in this property, please inquire me as soon as you can!!

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