Place To Visit In Fukuoka

Recommended place to visit in Fukuoka

Please let me introduce my recommended spots you should visit as i am resident of Fukuoka.
Here is 3 topics which are divided into Sightseeing, Restaurant, Hot spring(Onsen).



Fukuoka Tower

It is knows as a symbol of Fukuoka. Nice see view, night view from observatory which has 120 meters height.





My comment
→Fukuoka Tower is certified as a sacred place for lovers and it is recommended as a dating spot.

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There are many kinds of shopping mall in Fukuoka city and here is my recommendations!!

  1. JR Hakata City Amyu Plaza Hakata (JR 博多シティアミュプラザ博多)

One of biggest shopping mall which has many kinds of restaurant on the 9F and 10F called Kuten (くうてん)So you can enjoy for shopping and eating.

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  1. Canal City Hakata (キャナルシティ博多)

Next to Grand Hyatt Hotel.
There are a musical theater and a movie theather so it is full of entertaiment.

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  1. Marinoa City Outlet

170 shops in the outlet and biggest outlet mall in the Kyusyu part.
Please try a Ferris wheel as well!!

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Please check where 3 spots are located in the Map below!!

Dazaifu Tenmangu (大宰府天満宮)

This sharine is very famous in good luck for study!!

You should try famous rice cake called Umegaemochi (梅ケ枝餅)

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Hot Spring(Onsen)

Fukuoka is a good access to several famous hot spring spots in Kyusyu. My recomemdation is Yufuin in Oita.
As you are foreginer, you can get JR Free Pass to use for your resonable travel!

Hotel Name: 癒しの里 観布亭

Very comfortable Onsen with beautiful Yufu mountain view.

Delicious Food used a Beef called Bungo Gyu (豊後牛)

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Fukuoka has many high quority variety foods.
Please let me give you my No.1 of Meat, Fish, Ramen, Local Food for each.


Restaurant name: もつ鍋 やましょう博多本店
Most famous hot pot is called Motsunabe which is contained cow intestine.
Get a lot of collagen!!

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Restaurant name: ひょうたん寿司
My recommendation is fresh abalone sushi as shown below!

it’s a line-up shop so please be sure to have extra time.

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Restaurant name: Shinshin
4 shops in Hakata area so you can access them easily.
Very teasty! I bet you gonna love it!!

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Local Food

Restaurant name: びっくり亭
It is a local soul food for Hakata people!

Super Garlic taste of pork and cabbege!

How i recommend to eat this one is to add a spicy Miso!!

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How was my recommendation?

Please use those info as your reference.

Enjoy your stay in Fukuoka!!

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