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The way of mention for rent in Japan

How is rent price mentioned in the Japanese website?

mostly, rent price is mentioned in 3 different ways as below.

※Case of the total amount of rent is 60,000 yen/month

1: Rent(家賃) 60,000 yen

2: Rent(家賃)55,000 yen + Management fee(管理費)5,000 yen =60,000 yen in total

3: Rent(家賃)55,000 yen + Common service fee(共益費)5,000 yen=60,000 yen in total

why does it separate rent from management fee and common service fee?

In fact, there is an advantage that the rent can be seen cheaply on the lender side by separating the management fee and common service fee from the rent so it might be able to find a tenant faster.

Either 3 different ways of rent mentioned above, the owner gets 60,000 yen in total from the tenant.

in conculusion, you can consider that the management fee(管理費) and common service fee(共益費) are as one of rent the owner can get.

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