Loan For Non-Residents


Loan for purchasing a property in Japan for non-residents

Hi. Everyone.

We have been tying to find a way of providing a loan for purchasing a property in Japan for non-residents.

Recently, we have a deal with new bank called Hana Bank.

Hana Bank→

There might be possibility to provide a loan for you with following instruction.

(Basic Information)

*Hana Bank has a staff who speaks English and Chinese

*Financing Amount is approximately 50% of property price

*Loan Period: Approximately 20 years

*Interest Rate: 2%~2.5%

*Structure: Steel or Reinforced Concert

*Property price must be more than approximately 50,000,000 yen.

*Area: Everywhere of Japan

*Applicant must go to Bank for signing loan agreement


1: Find a property with Gran Asset Management

2: Ask the bank if the property can get a Loan (Simple valuation)

3: if possible, submit the purchase application to the seller with one condition of special loan that proves that you have a right to withdraw your offer if the loan is not committed.

4: After your offer is agreed by the seller, the bank will give you final response of loan result. If you agreed with it, we will proceed to the contract.

5: Sing the loan agreement and set up the settlement date.


1: Set up a comply in Japan 

※At this moment, I don’t talk about how to set up a company in here, but if you are interested, please inquire me.

2: Prepare your resume. ( must mention about occupation, asset, etc)


1: Bank Handling Fee: Approximately 2% of the finance amount

※Pay to Bank

2: Finance Agent Fee: 3% of the finance amount 

※Pay to Gran Asset Management

If you are interested in working on loan to buy a property in Japan, please feel free to contract me.

Thank you.

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