How to read a Japanese property information sheet


Important Vocabulary you need to memorize

Today, I want to share with you about how to read a Japanese property info sheet.
Usually, most properites for sale are published as A4 info sheet as shwon below so i translated each item into English.
I hope it helps your understanding.

(Important Vocabulary you need to memorize)

価格:Sale Price
建物名称:Building Name
構造階層:Structure and No. of floor
ex) RC 地上11階 10階部分
→Reinforced concreat, Total no. of floor is 11F and property is on 10F.

間取り:Type of room
占有面積:Room Size
バルコニー:Balcony Size
築年月: Built Year
if 賃貸中, it means it is tenanted now.
if 空室、 it means it is vacant now.

管理費:Building Management Fee
積立金:Building Maintenance Fee
Ex) 都市ガス:City Gas, エアコン:Air-con, エレベーター: Elevetor, 自動ロック:Auto-lock, 駐輪場:Biycle parking space

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