Sub-Lease Contract VS Rent Guarantee Company


What is the difference between sublease contract and rent guarantee company?

Some of people who have an experience of buying a property in Japan may face to misunderstanding of meaning of them.

Let’s make it clarify!!

Rent guarantee company(家賃保証会社)
※Case of having a rent guarantee company in the lease contract

→It is a rent collection system coming with the lease contract that when your tenant doesn’t pay the rent to you and there is no guarantor in the lease contract, this company pays the rent to you and tries to collect the rent from the tenant after paid the rent to you.

Sublease company(サブリース会社)
※If your property is contracted under sublease company

→It is a rent payment system that the sublease company pays the fixed amount of rent (lower than market rent price) to you in the period of sublease contract regardless occupancy. you cannot remove the sublease contract from lease contract even though you are the owner of a property.

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