Buy Your House in Fukuoka

Hi. I am Tomo Hayashi from Gran Asset Management in Fukuoka.
Today, I want to share with you about my experience of selling a property to clients. Those who are from US and Shanghai, bought a property for their own house in Fukuoka through our company. The house is nearby Ohori park which is most beautiful park in Fukuoka city. You can check how beautiful the park is↓

大濠公園 福岡市中心にある市民の憩いの場「大濠公園」の公式サイトです。施設案内、イベント情報など。

We are helping clients not only for buying a property, but also setting up furnitures and electric appliances with you.

They are very happy with buying a house in Fukuoka and invited my family for dinner at their house!!

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